University now requires students to use Tablet PC.  Students will be provided the Tablet PC by the University and the Price of the Tablets is far below $499.99 per student.

Students loans do not cover the cost of the Tablet PC.

University has been testing several Tablets for the past few months and has approved 7 inch EKEN running android software.

The Tablet can be purchased directly from the University for $280 + Shipping cost and is available now.

EKEN  MOO3 8 Inch available for $299.00 Plus Shipping.  Available now.

MOONSE APAD E7001 for $340.00 Plus shipping.

A701 7 inch Android 1.5 for $345.00 Plus Shipping.

Please e-mail us at for further information and purchase of the EKEN, MOONSE APAD and A701 Tablets.  None of these tablets are currently available on the market in the United States or Europe.  It will take approximately 3 weeks for delivery from the date of purchase.