Diplomat of Theoretical Sciences
Diplomat of Islamic Theology
Diplomat of Islamic Philosophy
Diplomat of Islamic Law & Regulatory Environment
Diplomat of Islamic History
Diplomat of Islamic International Relations
Diplomat of Islamic Studies (restricted to government employees only). Special set of books and Lectures are required, and can be used on MP 3 or CD/DVD.

Diplomat Studies Tuition $140 per month, All fee must be paid Quarterly. ($560.00 is required at the time of initial admission).
Diplomat Studies Admission Fee $25.00
Fee does not include cost of books, software, and CD/DVD.

Bachelor’s Degree Tuition $1500.00 per year
Tuition does not include cost of books, software, and CD/DVD.
Three Year Joint Master’s and Bachelor’s degree can be completed through 34 courses of 4 credits each.

Master’s Degree Tuition $1645.00 per year
Tuition does not include cost of books, software, and CD/DVD’s.
15 courses of 4 credits must be completed to earn a Master’s degree. Full time students can complete the courses within 16 months.

Application fee for degree program is $50.00.
The Joint Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree program does not include admission at the Virginia Lynch Institute of Theoretical Sciences.

Virginia Lynch Institute of Theoretical Sciences Institute fee $1800 per year.
Institute application is $75.00
Fee does not include the cost of books, CD/DVD’s and software.
Fee is required to be paid once a year at the time of student’s admission to the Institute.

A 15 CD/DVD set providing an abridged teaching of Islamic history, theology, philosophy, geography and culture are available for $75.00 per CD/DVD in set of 4 CD/DVD. The entire cost for the set of CD/DVD is $1125.00.

Virginia Theorist Fee $375.00 per year
Our Institute publication is printed 3 times a year. The third part of the publication each year is dedicated to the political environment in the Muslim nations. Institute publication subscription for Libraries and Congressional offices receive a discount on the subscriptions.

Seville Institute of Foreign Affairs (JIFA)
Membership $375.00 per year
SIFA offer bi-weekly analysis of the Muslim nations.

Personal checks are not accepted for fee. All checks must be certified checks made payable to: Professors Without Borders.

We accept credit cards through PayPal. A 5% Surcharge is added for payments through Paypal. Please check with the Accountants office for other methods of paying with credit cards, such as Google Checkout.

All fees are non refundable.