Joint Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree

Our Joint Degree program was created to better educate the student in Pre-and Post Islamic conditions. We study the post Prophetic Islamic development in both the East and the West. The reason for studying the Pre-Islamic and Post-Prophetic development, since, without this one can neither understand the Muslim mind, nor can one understand the rational of Muslim ideology, and its development in the Muslim nations.

We research Islam’s Socio, Economic, and Political, ideology from the 7th century through the 21st century. We research the structure and application of Jihad, within an Islamic State, as well as its base for the average Muslim. Towards this we survey the Islamic social contract, and theory of Islamic State, and Caliphate.

We survey and research theological differences between Islam,
Christianity, and Judaism, as per the scriptures which lead to socio-political differences between members of the competing monotheist Western religions; that culminated in today’s war on terror, which Muslims label a war on Islam.

Majority of Mullahs in Islamic Nations demand the application of Islamic Sharia. This is most relevant to the Americans and Europeans in general. Mullahs blame America and Europeans; for the failure of Islamic nations governments. It is believed by the Mullah and Muslims in general that implantation of the Islamic law is the panacea to all ills faced by Muslims. Imagine the idea that simply implanting the Muslim law would lead to freedom of Muslims from their colonial masters, namely British, French, and Americans.

Please note that there is no Muslim ruler with or against West who stands up and states that the application of Islamic law in the Muslim nations has nothing to do with American or European government policy; the “quite” of the Muslim rulers on this matter is deafening, leading to propaganda by the Mullahs which is never dismissed by the Muslim rulers who are happy to have some one else taking the blame for their incompetence.

On the face of it the Mullahs demand for the implementation of the Islamic law in their nations is only for the Mullahs specific sect, and its sectarian related Islamic school of law. Our student is taught the bases of all Islamic Schools of law. Student understands and is able to answer any Mullah or Muslim logically that the Mullahs demand for the application of Islamic law in his land is not possible, and not related to the West in any form.

The reason for this is that there are different mechanism of applied Islamic law under myriad schools of Islamic law which are entirely sect based. Such application of Islamic law will result in varied mechanisms of trial, verdict, appellant system, enforcement, which are radically different from the perception of the illiterate Mullah, and majority of the Muslim’s in their understanding of Islamic law and its regulatory environment.

Within this structure the student performs in depth analysis of the variances between the sects and schools of laws to which the nations subscribe and how they affect the ideology, sociology, and politics of the nations.

We require comparative study of both Christian and Jewish laws. We teach Modernity and Post Modernity movements in Islam, and the influence of Sufism in the development of the socio, political structure of Islamic nations. Towards this we also review reform movements through the course of Islamic history. We also require the comparative reform movements amongst Christian and Jews, we learn as to how and why movements, came about leading to the separation of Church and State.

We teach colonial period, requiring the study of history of Europe 16th, through the 20th centuries, as well as conflicts among colonial powers that ruled Muslim nations. Herein we require the parallel study of Turkish Caliphate and the birth of modern Turkey.

We require the completion of survey of the Muslim experience within Colonial Europe, and Muslims relations with America from 1903 through 2006. Within this context the student learns the history of oil in the Middle East, Europe, and America. We survey the Oil politics leading to the current situation wherein Non-State Actors declared Jihad against America, and Europe. We perform an in-depth survey of Oil Economics, and politics affecting the Muslim nations, with the new State actors namely, India and China entering the global market for the limited oil resources available in the world.

We study the causes of Middle East conflict, and political solutions if any towards peace at the Regional and International levels. In this we study the PLO and OIC, and the intra Arab dynamics of the 20th Century with non-State actors in Lebanon, and Hamas in Palestine.

Within our degree studies we require the completion of the African experience within the Muslim nations and the sociologist base from which the African Nationalism arose and developed within the Freedom movements related to the Colonial powers in Africa.

The degree course studies requires Statistics modeling and theoretical applications, thus Statistics 118 and 217 are requirement for degree program. Students are also required to complete introductory and Intermediate courses in economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and group dynamics, in addition to conflict resolution theories. Degree candidates are required to complete second language: Arabic, Urdu, and Persian or all of the three languages.

Comparative study of the three monotheist scriptures; Old Testament, New Testament and the Quran are required. In order to streamline the understanding of the scripture, we use English language translation for all three scriptures. In this we use the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali for the Quran only. For Old and New Testament we utilize the King James Standard Version.