Diplomat Programs

We offer the following Diplomat Programs:

Diplomat of Islamic Theology
Diplomat of Islamic Philosophy
Diplomat of Islamic Law & Regulatory Environment
Diplomat of Islamic History
Diplomat of Islamic International Relations (this includes both law and policy within the Islamic Law).

Diplomat of Islamic Studies (Restricted to Government Employees)

Diplomat of Islamic Sciences (Restricted to Government Employees)

Diplomat of Islamic Studies & Diplomat of Islamic Sciences, are two comprehensive programs created specifically for the government employees, they cover in Abridged form the entire Bachelors degree course of Islamic Studies and Islamic Sciences, not including the language courses. Program is open to all government employees from all departments from; City, County, State, Federal, as well as the Armed Forces.

Islamic Philosophy is the only Diplomat Program which requires completion of a one semester Introduction to Greek Philosophy before the student can apply for admission to the Islamic Philosophy Diplomat program. This is also required of the Government Servants who wish to complete the Islamic Philosophy program.

With the exception of the Islamic Philosophy which is an 8 months program, all other Diplomat programs are 13 months in length, and do not have pre-requisites.

Students who complete three Diplomat programs earn a Fellowship Designation: Associate Fellow of Theological Sciences. Students who complete all five regular Diplomat programs will also earn a joint Bachelors/Masters degree, if they complete 20 more credits; 4 credits in Psychology, 4 credits in Sociology, and 12 credits in scripture studies.

Admission to the Diplomat programs is open all year, except for the Islamic Philosophy program which requires 3 credit course Introduction to Greek Philosophy, which can only be completed during the Fall and Spring semesters. Student applicant for the Islamic Philosophy program who have completed a three credit Introduction to Philosophy 101,through 119 from an accredited university or college need not take the same pre-requisite again.

Our diplomat programs offer education in subjects that are an absolute necessity for both government and business. Our Diplomat and Degree program equip the student with knowledge of Islam, and Muslims, as well as their nations, and societies.

It matters not if the student is a service person, a law enforcement officer, or a stock broker. Regardless of the students background, the student graduates with knowledge that is essential today, and would enrich the student’s life; academically, socially, and economically.

Diplomat courses offered by the University are non degree track, wherein the applicant is not required to have completed any degree program such as Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree to gain admission to the Diplomat program. Admission to the Diploma program is open to all individuals.

Law enforcement and government employees should consider the Abridged Diplomat program first, it will provide them with the knowledge of Islam and Muslims in a shorter period of time compared to the standard degree programs. Government employees are encouraged to complete the Abridged Diplomat of Islamic Studies, since it’s specially designed for them.

The regular Diplomat programs can be completed in short form of 8 months and regular form of 13 months, depending on the time a student can commit to the program. The program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of Islam, and Muslims.

There is no restriction on the length of time a student may take to complete the program; however, the student must remain an active student for each month upon registering for the Diplomat program, in order to earn the Diplomat designation. Student must take a minimum of one exam each month in their respective Diplomat program in which they are admitted.