The Nuclear State at the Precipice


Abigail Lynch


Western analysts would have us believe that Pakistan will disintegrate within 6 months.  This news is completely discounted by the usual response from the Pakistani President, Prime Minister, and the Chief of Army Staff.  The next news that follows from India is that Pakistan’s Nukes are safe; what a certificate of fitness for any nation that must depend on its enemy to confirm that its nukes are secure.  This news was followed by the murders of three Balochi politicians at the hands of the Pakistani intelligence agencies, shutting down that entire state with declarations of rebellion by the average citizen of Baluchistan. The President of Pakistan signed the Sharia in law regarding Swat in the same week, and the Taliban incursion in and control of Malakand, Bajor, and Dir occurred.  Taliban attacks in FATA continue, along with the burning of American and NATO trucks in NWFP by the Taliban to cut the supply line from Afghanistan. These attacks are growing by leaps and bounds.  MQM supporters went on a killing spree against those from NWFP killing over 30, while burning businesses and public transportation in a city that they themselves control.  All this took place within the last two weeks of April 2009.


Facts, experience, and history, tell us that nothing in Pakistan can be taken at face value.  All actors must be analyzed to come to a reasonable assessment that is neither arm chair assessment nor Monday morning quarter-backing.  There is no returning to the line of scrimmage.  We are at the goal post, with one time out and there is no prayer that seemingly will save the day.  The fifth largest army of the world cannot contain less than 1,000 Taliban in Swat, Malakand, and Dir. 


The Secretary of State is a gust at her inability to wake up Pakistani government and its army to constant ceding of territory to the Taliban. She finally called upon Pakistanis all over the world to call on their government to stop the hemorrhage of national integrity and wake up the national leaders to do the right thing.  The former Intelligence Chief of Saudi Arabia stated that Pakistan could survive the Taliban if it could save itself from a Military Coup.  He was not speaking of the Army Chief as usual showing the door to the elected politicians, he was speaking of Army Coup of like minded Taliban sympathizers against secular forces in the Pakistan army.  President Obama himself pointed to the precarious nature and feebleness of the Pakistani civilian leadership. 


Mr. Talat Husain Syed of AAj TV of Pakistan recently did a program on the background of the folks who are in the Taliban leadership.  See the whole program at:


Sufi Mohammad is only educated up to the eighth grade and is age 78.  He led several thousand to Afghanistan to fight the Americans, and he left the majority of them dead and behind him. He served some time in jail, was given freedom, and he promised to lead the Taliban out of Swat if Sharia was adopted therein. 


Once the President of Pakistan signed the Sharia bill, Mr. Sufi enlarged his demand and called for the adoption of the Sharia bill over all of Pakistan.  He further decried the State Constitution, its courts, its parliament claiming that they were all Haram (forbidden), along with democracy.  His end goal is to install a Taliban regime in the whole country.  


Fazlullah is his son-in-law, whose father was also a Mullah, is a high school graduate, that is akin to a Ph.D., amongst these folks.  They all call themselves Mullah and there is no real knowledge as to where and how much religious knowledge they actually garnered.  He was formally a chair lift operator and a journeyman.  


The Military commander of the Taliban in Swat is ibn Yamin, a former farmer.  There is no record of his education, secular or religious.  


Muslim Khan, the spokesman for the Taliban in Swat, has no known education in theology, or secular education; however, he is well spoken, understands some English, and has some basic education, the level of which we are not knowledgeable. He lived outside the country for some time and comes from a trading family.


Mullah Faqir Mohammad in Bajor Agency was educated at the local Madrasah; he also completed secular education till 10th grade, and was a former bodyguard of a local Khan.


Jan Wali of Bajor Agency was a former shop keeper.  We do not know if he received any religious or secular education at any level.


Mullah Umar is  the spokesman for Tehrik Taliban Pakistan.  We have no knowledge of his secular or religious education, but he speaks several languages thus he must have had some education.  


Bajor Agency Qari Zia ur Rahaman.  We do not know of his secular or religious education. 


Mangal Kahn of Khayber Agency was a former bus conductor, he has no known secular or religious education, but is known to specialize in kidnapping.  He has his own personal armed forces comprising of several hundred men and has been known to fight the militia without fear or favor. 


Baitullah Masood the head of Tehrik Taliban Pakistan was educated in local Madrasah, but no clear information exists about his secular education.


The average age of the Taliban’s is 35 years old, with a majority of them having no religious or secular education.  Poverty was their lot, thus academics was not of any use to them, thus goes the ideology of the Taliban.  They accept none of the idealism from those who are massively educated in religion.  


According to Talat, these folks came from severe poverty.  That in itself is the great equalizer, and producer of revolutions. They are masters of their lives which has little value except as martyrs, for it pays better and the promise of Heaven is something that none can overlook.  All this must be kept in view before one sets to judge these folks.


The situation in Pakistan cannot be called a civil war between those who subscribe to the Taliban ideology, and those who are secular.  I would classify the situation in Pakistan as being close to a revolution when it comes to the Pakistani Taliban regardless of what territory they may be in. The Baluchistan Liberation Army like the Taliban is composed of very few men and is fighting the army at all levels in all areas within and out of their state.  The following brief analysis will be self-explanatory regarding the situation in Pakistan.



Soup of Taliban Revolution

It all began with a series of phone calls on the night of 9/11 from the United States to the President of Pakistan, a dictator, who was then also the chief of army staff of the Pakistan Army.  He fell in line, when he was told of the new Bush Doctrine of “with us or against us”.  Those were his choices as he claims in his autobiography, as if he would have made a third choice if it were up to him.  Few people are able to state bull as competently as Mr. Musharraf does in his autobiography, for he is capable of lying to your face with complete ease. 


There was no political setup in Pakistan at that time, instead the General personally committed the nation to the cause of the United States. It just happened to be the correct choice of “with us, instead of against us”.  General Musharraf thought of himself as the benign dictator.  Like all his predecessors from the Army who ruled Pakistan for half its existence, the fact was that he too had their common trait shared by both civil and military dictators of Pakistan.  That trait was that he made all decisions by himself while lying to his nation, and his lies would come back to bite Pakistan some 10 years later in the form of Tehrik Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) currently a banned organization. 


General Zia, the former military dictator of Pakistan who was an American ally in the war against the Russians, used Islam to his own needs committing fraud and lying to his nation, leaving it to the scourge that would be the Taliban.  It is complete nonsense when analysts try to shift the blame of Islamizing Pakistan by Zia to the detriment of the Americans.  Zia came long before the Russians invaded Afghanistan.  He was fooling the people of Pakistan and Islamizing the army with the belief that it would ensure that he would rule Pakistan forever, without the need for secular political parties.  To that effect, Zia would make alliances with Mullahs, and the money that flowed from the West to help against the Russian Jihad was simply the crowning on his head, which made him a billionaire along with other generals who too became billionaires. 


Zia was followed by two civilian Prime Ministers both of whom were thrown out twice for corruption which is the base of Pakistan during its 62 year existence.  Musharraf showed Sharif the door after claiming that Sharif had tried to hijack his aircraft as he was returning from Sri Lanka; although he had been legally dismissed by Sharif while Musharraf plane was still in the air.  


The Civilian Prime Minister appointed another head of the army, but the generals rebelled instead placing Mr. Sharif in custody and removing him as the Prime Minister.  Mr. Sharif had also found Islam, and was trying to set himself up as Caliph of the nation, when Musharraf got rid of him.  Most people breathed a sigh of relief as Musharraf came in; for the majority of Pakistanis then as now do not want a theocracy and seek a secular existence. 


Musharraf played the secular card, wherein he realized that the nation did not want an Islamic government, and he was openly secular.  However, there was no purge of the Islamists from either the military, or the civilian government.  Musharraf’s army was very close to the Taliban whom it considered within the network of its strategic depth doctrine to secure its western borders and to ensure an ally if there was a war with India providing a ready pool of battle tested Muslims who would fight the Indian Hindu with relish. 


Musharraf the secular leader of Pakistan also was adapt at playing the Islamic game that turned out to be the zero sum game leading to the creation of the Pakistani Taliban and loss of his national territory to them in FATA, FANA, and NWFP, as well as in Baluchistan.  Musharraf refused to make alliance with secular forces, and he sought the help of the Jihadist Mullahs from JI, and JUI in preference to others, thereby, creating Mullah led governments in NWFP, and Baluchistan, along with FATA, and FANA which in fact have no real political abilities in respect to Pakistan proper.  Pakistani courts have no jurisdiction over them, nor its laws apply to those areas of FATA, and FANA, and northern areas that are led by President and ruled by fiat. 


Mr. Musharraf was a committed fraudster.  He lied to the Bush administration to get the money and power in return for western support.  NATO countries were at his beck and call; he was the warrior fighting the Afghan Taliban for the United States while keeping in tact the strategic depth model for his Army.  When Musharraf came to power, Pakistani coffers were empty.  Suddenly, there was a 09/11 premium.  Laws in the west made it impossible to send money through Hundi finance system, and thus money flowed in Pakistan as never before, even more than that which came from Afghan Jihad in Zia’s term.  Arabs fearful of investing money in western nations were now investing in Pakistan as were many Pakistanis.  The trickle down economic model was borrowed from America and brought by the Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz latter Prime Minister. 


Money was not invested in education or poverty alleviation, or increment in electric supply production.  Money however was spent on new cars, cell phones, and credit cards were introduced.  People could now live beyond their means, and real estate was the game, as prime land was taken by the Army and it was distributed to all of Presidents friends from generals to Mullah politicians as   bribes.  Corruption was at its height, no one bothered to build new power plants or invest in countries infra structure; poverty grew as did injustice, and those 5% who had it were living of the fat of the land while 95% struggled.  TV stations went from few to numerous, and that was indeed a positive thing for it enabled a freer media than comparably before.  Intelligence agencies were selling people they picked up as possible terrorists to the Americans, for $5000.00 a head and people went missing. Musharraf deception became clear when there was no lessoning of the Taliban infiltrating from Pakistan going to Afghanistan.  ISI was finally in the dock. 


What broke the camels back was the Lal Masjid drama that showed how Musharraf was wired into the Mullahs and was not fighting them as he claimed.  He then fired the Chief Justice of the nation to preempt being rejected for standing in election while in Uniform.  That was the end.  We allowed Musharraf to fire the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, thus People of Pakistan now looked at Taliban promising them instant and cheap justice without the role of any judiciary that is enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan.  Mr. Fujimori also fired the Supreme Court in Peru and we did not utter a single complaint for he was fighting the Maoists who in fact were not supported by China.  We did the same in the case of Pakistan, and people of Pakistan realized that we were not the friends of freedom and democracy as the Bush administration claimed.  It was followed by Israel attacking the civilian population of Lebanon and the Secretary of State Condilisa Rice called it pangs of birth of democracy.


Ms. Bhutto made inroads with the Bush administration promising it the world and was able to return back Pakistan and all cases of corruption against her and her family were unanimously dropped by the Musharraf government.  She however was assassinated before the elections, the result was that her party won big and became a partner in federal government as well as the four provinces of Pakistan.  The Prime Minister was represented Bhutto’s Peoples Party as was the President who also happens to be the late Ms. Bhutto’s husband and co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party. 


The current President constantly displays either a “Gin” or “Vodka” grin in the public no matter what the situation may be, or how grave situation may be.  He is today known as Mr. 100%, whereas, formally he was known as Mr. 10% when he demanded that sum in bribe in all matters of state contracts.  His claim to fame was that his father was a bagman for Mr. Bhutto and was trusted by him, for no money ever disappeared.  Mr. Zardari the new President is also known for being a compulsive liar and believes that it’s a part of being a politician, his words not ours, that it’s a part of politics to lie.   Obama is correct in his assessment that the Pakistani civil government cannot deliver on its promises.  It has not delivered ever on a single promise since, the People Party took over, and this may very well be the first and the last hurrah for the party known as PPP that is fast loosing favor with the poor, which happens to be its base. 


Mr. Zardari like his wife too is promising the Obama administration the sky but is unable and unwilling to deliver.  Mr. Zardari had to reinstate the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court under pressure from lawyers, politicians and Civil Society   movement, even then he had to be convinced by the Army chief that he had to do the deed or the country would explode in fire as many a Police officers  refused to accept orders from the administration that was of PPP and that leaves Mr. Zardari badly bruised, for the Chief Justice will not allow the free for all corruption that Mr. Zardari is used to, at least that is the theory.  Things are so bad that the President meets his actual cabinet in Dubai a foreign nation, fearful of army keeping tabs on him, not knowing that the Arabs intelligence trades all secrets with Pakistan Army, and that all western nations bug the meetings conducted by Mr. Zardari in Dubai.  


The President of Pakistan must return to the ceremonial role of that office as enshrined in the Pakistani Constitution, and allow either Sharif’s to work with the Prime Minister, or let the Prime Minister actually work, to provide people with the basics that is the duty of the government without which Taliban seem as the only real option to the man on the street, and that by providing people with food, shelter, good governance Pakistan might defeat the Taliban. 


Mr. Zardari tells the West that all matters are to be decided by the Legislature.  This is nonsense.  He simply told the legislature to approve the Swat deal with Taliban, and it was done without any discussion or debate on the matter.  Only MQM refused to sign the dotted line and raised real objections to the Sharia deal in Swat with the Taliban.  There is no such thing as legislature deciding matters in Pakistan; all that nonsense is for public consumption, and for telling the West so that Mr. Zardari can survive for the full term of his office.


The Prime Minister is not an object of hatred by all as is the President, who brought the problems on himself by trying to kick Sharif’s out of Punjab government.  The man neither has intelligence nor ability to solve Pakistan’s problems.  The Interior Advisor now Interior Minister must be gotten rid of.  He is simply out of his depth.  A real Interior Minister is needed to solve the problems of terrorism as long as he is allowed to perform his job, and is responsible to the Prime Minister only.  Government must not be run from the presidency, it’s the job of the Prime Minister who remains untested but is certainly more able than Mr. Zardari can ever be. 


Mr. Zardari in the time honored tradition carried on by his predecessors will again make promises to the Obama administration, that must be taken with a grain of salt and facts checked and rechecked several times to ensure that what is says contains even a morsel of truth.  Army is too brutalized by Musharraf to come back in the near future to rule the nation, but then anything is possible in Pakistan.   

Pakistan tells us that its military is deficient in fighting the war on its Taliban, because they are not symmetrical fighters like normal armies, yet, Pakistan Army  history tells us that it is well conditioned to fight the as it learned lessons from the insurgency in Kashmir, and Afghanistan.  It learnt valuable lessons from Sri Lanka, why can it not use these lessons against its on Taliban.  It began during General Musharraf’s rule when a Lieutenant Colonel, a Major and several Captains all along with 300 plus armed men and NCOs’ surrendered to a group of Taliban with 20 fighters without fighting or firing a shot to defend themselves, and Pakistan army had to pay massively to get its men released without getting back the arms that were taken by the Taliban.  What war is such army ready to fight? 


Pakistan Army tells us about the losses it took in human cost both to the civilians and soldiers, yet, its infantry is on Indian borders, the most able soldiers are on Indian borders, while the militia is sent to fight the Taliban who are better at taking the militia hostage rather than outright killing them.  Pakistan Army is not like that of Sri Lanka that fought for decades against Tamil Tigers to finally succeed.  Pakistan army is not a Spartan or well trained army, its well armed with excellent deterrents against India, but claims to have no such deterrent against the rag tag Taliban.  This is the worlds 5th largest army, and larger than that of the United States if all militia is counted as part of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. 


We need to provide training to Pakistan Army in counter insurgency, and urban warfare.  The best model to urban warfare, would actually should be used in training Pakistani Rangers with SWAT units from NY Police, or that of any major city.  Pay increase for the militia must be instantaneous, for many must buy their own weapons and are paid under $50 a month.  This is atrocious, for these men are supposed to fight the well trained, well financed, and well disciplined as well as well armed Taliban, who pay their fighters $150.00 per month. 


What is it that makes the Taliban of Pakistan so successful?  Their leadership comprises of people who are not only illiterate in secular terms but majority of them are not schooled in theology of any kind either.  Their advances are unstoppable, they lie when it suits their purpose, and make deals with the government, only to decry that the government has failed the deal and thus they are free of all contracts that they signed with the government.  They utilize fear as their key, brutality is their tool, religion their facade, ignorance their structure.  Taliban financing comes from Afghanistan, India, and Russia, above all from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait.  They tax the local population that never paid or pays tax to the government.  They recruit in the name of religion; they pay their warriors more than the government pays its police.  They pay life Insurance to those who die, and families are taken care of immediately.  They inflict instant justice in the areas wherein they live, and rule. Their secondary financing comes from taking hostages, and traffic in drugs as well as weapons.  In a nation with almost 40% unemployment rate in the FATA area Taliban alone are the ones who can support entire families as well as clans. 


The reason for the Taliban success is easy and instant Justice, that is not found anywhere in Pakistan.  People are being crushed by food costs that are going through the roof, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, electricity shortage, terrorism, you may think of it, and whatever it may be the people of Pakistan are suffering from it.  The government is only in name and corruption is its base.  Why should then people fear Taliban, who seem to be an excellent replacement for the government that makes promises and rapes them, by leaving them at the mercy of the Taliban or anyone else with a gun.  Taliban on the other hand are bankable when it comes to their relationship and promises to the people in general. 


Who makes the Taliban policy is still unknown; who decides the matters that they implement is unknown.  It’s a massive failure of intelligence.  They kill the traditional leaders of the tribes, and spread fear amongst the populace, who are not supported by local regional, state, and federal administrations.  It’s a complete failure of administration.  Taliban are against political parties, legal structures such as courts from district to high and supreme courts.  They are against elections, they are against government rule, and they are against democracy.  None of this is hidden.  Sufi Muhammad the leader of Swat TNSM made this clear in his speech in Malakand the day after the President signed the Sharia law into existence, and this agreement was reached by the State with the terrorist Taliban who killed hundreds of police, and army personal to earn the right to implement the Sharia in Swat valley.


No more money should be given to Pakistan without an Inspector General certifying wherein that money went, and what it was used for and how it will be spent.  If Pakistan fails in fighting its Taliban, then that nations Nukes must be secured by the International Community.  It cannot be allowed to fall in the hands of the Taliban or their sympathizers.  Pakistani Nukes are India Specific.  They will be world specific the moment Taliban succeed.  At the same time Indians must be monitored and stopped from putting unbearable pressure on Pakistan’s , Eastern borders as well as in Baluchistan so that it can turn towards Taliban instead of fighting the Indian ghosts in Kashmir.  This is not new news.  Indians, are fighting Pakistan army, the tools are different instead of direct attack its arming the Taliban.  Taliban are not simply looting people. They are being armed and paid for what they are doing in Pakistan.      


The problem with Taliban’s in Pakistan is that they actually are the greatest security risk to the world.  Taliban believe in imposing Islam on others.  Quran 2:256 “there is no compulsion in religion”. “truth stands apart from error”.  Those who believe in Taliban need to read the Quran, the history of Islam, and find that the doctrine of Taliban is a fraud a lie and has no relevance to Islam in specific or general.  Pakistani agencies created Taliban during the first regime of Ms. Bhutto.  Her husband needs to end their support and crust them once and for all.


Pakistani Taliban Doctrine


The following interview was conducted by the ARY TV of Pakistan on May 3, 2009.  The Interviewer was conducted by Kashif Abbasi with Sufi Muhammad


Sufi refuses to accept the two highly educated Judges of NWFP High Court were appointed by the government unilaterally to fulfill its contract with Sufi Mohammad TNSM.   Sufi does not recognize the government appointees and wants to retain the right to appoint the Qazi without being elected to any office.  Sufi calls the Judges as being outside the Sharia.


Sufi calls Democracy Kufur and democrats Kafirs.  Sufi does not accept that they are part of the Islamic setup of the government. 


The above is a total lie on part of the Sufi and a deliberate lie at that.  One need not be a Scholar of Islam to know that Quran calls for consultation, in the form of Shura, which today; is the assembly chosen by the people to represent them.  Secondly Sufi declares that the Constitution of Pakistan is a Kufur.  With the exception of those who know absolutely nothing about Islam, this lie of Sufi Muhammad that Constitution is a Kufur can be seen in the following.  Prophet Mohammad created the first Constitution of Medina which was written and is very much extant today.  The signatories to that first written constitution were Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Non Muslim Arabs tribes.  It is not possible that Sufi is that stupid and illiterate that he does not know this fact which is known to any student of the first and second grades in Pakistan, as they are taught Islam.  Sufi is spreading turmoil in Pakistan which in itself is against Islam at all levels. 


The entire Interview can be heard and seen at:


Quran speaks of what is being done by Taliban of Pakistan in such terms that death sentence must be imposed on them at all levels instead of making agreements with them as the government has done. 


Quran declares 2:217: Tumult and Oppression are worse than murder.  Taliban and their followers have been practicing Tumult and Oppression in Pakistan by killing people randomly and inflicting on them great pain and then hanging their bodies in the middle of squares after mutilating the bodies, at times they dig up the bodies and mutilate them.  Which part of Islam teaches these kinds of actions.  Pray tell us for we wish to learn.  The question arises as to why does the State of Pakistan; not speak on this matter, by teaching the citizens actually what is stated in the Quran and Sunnah.  After all; many religious programs are carried by the National and private TV channels in Pakistan.  Why are Pakistani scholars dumfounded except out of fear of the Taliban who will kill them if they speak the truth.  Why does not the Saudi and other Arab governments who support the Taliban with money and material not speak about the mutilation of bodies and about the Tumult and Oppression, while they can hardly be stopped from chirping all that is in the Salafi ideology.  The statements of the Quran are not the creation of Americans and Europeans they are a part and parcel of our religion.  Indeed Quran envisioned such people to declare their acts as counter to Islam. 


The failure rests with Pakistani government that does not stop this Tumult and Oppression against its citizens by the Taliban.  The Pakistani government keeps making agreements with the Taliban instead of ensuring that it would fight them to the very end of the Taliban existence so that they can never raise arms against poor unarmed citizens.  Taliban use brutality, and slaughter of people as a tool to spread fear all in the name of Islam, which in fact is a fraud against both God and man.  Until and unless Pakistani government takes notice and fights these crooks they will continue to succeed. 


For the first time in Taliban of Pakistan history during this interview with ARY TV their spokesman Muslim Khan spoke of the possession of either nuclear or weapons of mass destruction, or obtaining such weapons.  We know that its currently a lie, they do not possess such weapons.  That, however, does not mean that they cannot acquire them by defeating the Pakistani government, and its armed forces with internal or external help.  In that case, God help us. There are too many fools who think that the Taliban are right, rather than them being the scourge of God, and the reason for that is the total moral bankruptcy of Pakistan government that cannot secure its citizens from Taliban or its own corrupt officials chief amongst whom are the police, and the government that cannot give people justice, sells that justice to the highest bidder, which is the chief merit that Taliban exploit against the corrupt government of Pakistan. 


Sufi declares that all members of the national Assembly are non Muslims, that the very fact that they are members of assembly places them all outside the pale of Islam.  This folks is Sufi speaking his truth, based on his interpretation of the Quran.  Sufi as we stated is a little crook.  Lets take him as an example.  Sufi contested elections for Councilor for the local government of Malakand, and lost that election.  That means that Sufi too is a non Muslim by his own definition.  That means that the first four Caliphs were non Muslims for they made decisions and laws based on suggestion and in discussion with the companions of the Prophet which is nothing else than democracy.  That would put the Prophet (peace be upon him), outside Islam himself God forbid, for the Quran commands him to seek council of his companions.  Did the Prophet not know more than them, did he not speak for God, why then there was a need to seek council.  Sufi does not speak of this when he makes comments on Quran and Sunnah for he is in the end a simple fraud as are those who call themselves Taliban of Pakistan.  Let us ask a simple question. If the Pakistan government and its Legislative assembly are all Kafirs, then why did Sufi and Taliban make agreements with Kafirs to implement Sharia in Swat and Malakand.  The problem with lying in the name of Quran, Islam or religion in general makes it very easy to catch a liar at his own words. 


Folks listen to this interview very carefully, so that you can be enlightened with the Islam and Islamic ideology of the Taliban.  Sufi states: No one except God can make laws; that includes the Prophet who too cannot make laws. This is a very remarkable statement of Sufi Muhammad and the Taliban whom he represents.  Any Muslim with base knowledge of Islam would be left scratching his head.  


First of all, non belief in Prophets statement, is violating his commands, is expressly violating the will and command of God.  Quran 5:92, 64:12 both command to Obey God and Obey the Messenger.  Herein then Sufi is a liar, or the Quran is incorrect.  You need to reach your conclusion.  God gave laws through the Prophet, who taught us how to pray, what to do, what to say, what laws are for us in matter for living and dying.  Sufi instead looks at Quran 6:114 and even misinterprets that.  Will you then take the part of Quran or the whole.  The ten commandments of Moses are equally a law for Muslim and not a single one can be violated by him.  Nor can one violate Jesus commandments, or that of David, or Solomon, for none of their declarations and laws unless expressly superseded can be neglected.  Does Muhammad (peace be upon him). Speaks for himself, and make his own laws.  If you hear the Sufi that, is exactly what you will understand.  Folks, we have not made statements.  We have provided you with the entire interview so you can hear for yourself and judge Sufi Muhammad, and the Taliban of Pakistan.


The Writer of this Article is a student at Temple University of and is Pursuing a Graduate degree program from Temple School of Social Sciences. 


 Abigail Lynch

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